Job Shadow: a blog post

Yesterday I job shadowed for Amshot Solutions. It was a lot of fun and I learned new things, also gained a new love for WordPress!

I got shown around the office, where I saw some stuff for their latest project written on their totally cool glass dry erase boards and they then told me about some of the stuff they were tasked to do for this client. I also got to see before and after for this client’s particular site!

What I will be taking away from this job shadow are the many tools Janell showed me while she worked on their current project.

Tools used mostly in WordPress, which brings me to my new love of WordPress! All of these cool plug-ins that she used to get stuff done through WordPress! I used to hate WordPress and vowed never to use it, but now I really want to get started in it.

They showed me some of their past projects as well as the current one. I really enjoyed getting to look at these sites. One of them, Janell showed me the way it looked in the front end and the way it worked in the back end and it was really cool to get to see how all these tools worked together to make this site function in a really cool way.

All in all, I had a lot of fun yesterday and learned a lot from both Michael and Janell! Thanks for having me at Amshot Solutions!