Ethics: A Blog Post

Ethics is synonymous with morals, just so anyone reading knows. Because when I hear the word “ethics” I instantly think “what does that mean?”

The only way I solved this problem was by telling myself that it was a synonym or morals. Which it is, not like I made that up to remind me what Ethics means. Moral is even in the definition.

I am supposed to be writing about ethics and its impact in the web world. Well let me just “borrow” a info-graphic to explain!

Stop right there!!

That is UNETHICAL and can be directly related to the web world. Stealing code! Stealing images! Ignoring copyright!

All of this is not only UNETHICAL but ILLEGAL!

It’s not hard to stay on the straight and narrow when it comes to ethics but sometimes people still fall off their bike. This would be unintentional. As long as you fix it like, say, replacing an image you did not know was heavily copyrighted.

Riding your bike off the path and down the mountain without a care in the world is seeing an image, knowing its copyrighted, and still YOU TAKE IT??

Just look up copyright laws, learn them


And then follow them like you were born with this knowledge. Forget everything except copyright and breathing.


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