Photoshop Guru Skills and Stuff installment 2

Earth manipulation

Unfortunately one of the tutorials I used is no longer online anymore.

It was a

downloadable tutorial to turn a spring time picture of a forest into an autumn scene of a forest. This tutorial taught me about the use of different effects that I originally thought had a negative effect on my projects but if used

Water manipulation

correctly can be done beautifully.

The tutorial is uploaded as an html file so I will try to find some way to make it live for the

purposes of letting people use it. It already has the creator’s credits throughout the file, so copyright might not be an issue at this point.

Fire manipulation

We’ll see though!

This post shall be about my new love

of photo manipulations! Specifically, facial photo

manipulations. I have learned a lot

about different effects, layering, and a new technique to make realistic make

up. I used one tutorial, but made four

different images.

Tutorial found here

Excellent tutorial! Very easy to read and follow!

My images:

I loved the fire and water manipulations the most out of the ones I did. I got a little big-headed when I finished them and ended up doing all the elements. However, the water and earth ones didn’t turn out the way I planned…

Grass manipulation

But I still love what I have done. Photo manipulation has got to be the thing I love most out of photoshop so far.

I will find more tutorials to recommend but for now this is it~


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