Photoshop Guru Skills and Stuff

I decided to take some time to enhance my skills and understanding of photoshop with some online tutorials. In some later cases, I found images instead of using the ones provided and just used the skills in the tutorial to make my own image. In this case I just followed it step by step to get an amazing background.

Retro Background Tutorial

I created the background found in the tutorial. Mine is slightly different as I could not get the final step to work right for this tutorial (I figured out how to use the tool it was asking for in another tutorial, but I did not feel like going back to this image because it looks fine anyway).

My image:








I am pretty happy with how it turned out. This tutorial helped me get a better grasp on how the pen tool works exactly. I should probably refer to it as my arch-nemesis the pen tool but that’s before and this is now and now I am slightly okay with it.

I also really like the effect they had me use to make the retro glow. Not only did you use a inner glow effect but the tutorial had me duplicate the text file and then gave it a Gaussian blur. It really made it glow, which I was not expecting to happen when it told me to do this step.


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