Conflict Resolution: a blog post

With the idea of conflict we can either find a way to resolve it or we can live with it forever. Depending on the situation, I would personally choose either one. Some minor conflicts I can tend to be stubborn in but major conflicts take require some action.

However, I usually tend to choose the path to resolution!

Conflict is a necessary evil, without conflict we would all be annoying yes-men! No body wants that! Not even the average modern boss! No conflict means everyone just agrees with everything, design or non-design related, even if they don’t like it!

Holding grudges or failing to admit you were wrong can often lead to misery. The last time I held off on ending a conflict I almost lost a really close friend!

In the industry if we don’t argue a bit we might never reach the full potential of something. Imagine if the first idea is pitched and everyone just goes with it and no one objects or argues? That idea might end up being terrible but no one caused anything to go against it! A lot of great designs were NOT created in the first idea!

So remember to create conflict but only when needed! Don’t go causing fires or you might burn yourself!


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