WSiNYE: Exercise 4

{ WSiNYE – White Space is Not Your Enemy }

Go on a Web-based treasure hunt: post a list of the sites you found and the particular error(s) they commit.

At first I was frustrated by how hard it was to find sites breaking the sins that the book listed. How dare they follow the rules??? But then I got a helpful hint to search for websites about cats…and surprisingly I found enough to fill up my blog post in under 5 minutes. Imagine that.


> This website violates “Things that blink”, “Trapped Negative Space”, and “Tackytype Emphasis”.


> This website violates so much, it made me laugh when I opened it. It violates a total of 5 of the 13 sins! One of them I never even thought I would see outside examples: “Justified Rivers”.

Safe Haven for Cats

> One of the most awful websites I have come across. In this list, it ranks number 1. It violates just as many as the one above plus a new one: “Busy Backgrounds”. Watch out, it even has autoplay music!

Homeless Cat Network

> This website simply violates “Trapped Negative Space”.

Cats United

> This website definitely violates the “Bulky Borders and Boxes” rule!

Spoiled Rotten Kittens

> Violates “Tackytype Emphasis” by using all caps on throughout the site.

Raw Fed Cats

> This site violates “Trapped Negative Space”, “Tackytype Emphasis”, and “Corners and Clutter”.

Dear Tabby the Answer Cat

> This website violates “Tackytype Emphasis” and “Bulky Borders and Boxes”.

Catdoor Websites

> Although this website looks okay, it still violates the “Busy Backgrounds” rule.

Cat Talk 101

> This website also violates the same rule


> Violating “Trapped Negative Space” and, a new one, “Centering Everything” got this website on my list.

Cat Stuff

> It has a “Busy Background” and “Bulky Borders and Boxes”!

Angelical Cat

> This site violates a new one! “Naked photos” and it also violates “Trapped Negative Space”.

And with that last website, I am done pulling together sites that violate the “13 Amateur Layout Errors”. I am also tired of seeing bad websites.


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