WSiNYE: Exercise 3

{ WSiNYE – White Space is Not Your Enemy }

First explain how the design captures your attention. What part of the design do you look at first? What draws your eye to look there first?

The first thing I look at is the entire header area, with the image of the interior of a nice building being used and the logo for the site. Size is the factor that causes me to look at the header area first, the image taking up almost half of the entire website and the logo is a part of the image. The colors being used is also a factor, the red of the logo draws you to read there first.

Image of website being examined

Second, explain how the design controls the eye’s flow through it’s layout. In what order does your eye move from one thing to the other across the space of the layout? Make a numbered list of the order in which your eye travels around the layout. 

As mentioned before, the colors of the page draw you from each item to the next. Each title of a section is a dark red color, causing your eye to be drawn to it and then read it. Then size is also being used again, with the main portion of the content taking up more space on the page than the side content. The eye is drawn from:

  1. Header/Logo
  2. Navigation
  3. Main content
  4. Side sections

Although the navigation might end up being seen with the header/logo, in which case it is just taken out of the list.

Third, what kind of information does the design convey? Make a list. Describe how the design conveys this information. 

This website helps support the idea that the people behind “Winston Interior” and the website itself are/is:

  1. Professional
  2. Sleek
  3. To the point

The website helps prove this by choice of colors and the layout. With it’s clean and simple look, it help portray that they get the job done in a professional manner.

What, if any, emotion(s) does the design evoke? How? Why?

The design gives off the feeling of impersonality with the choice of background but still remains friendly with the dark red they chose throughout the site. If they hadn’t used the red color, the site would feel cold and boring. It can still work because the people behind “Winston Interiors” are probably trying to give off a professional impression.


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