Choices: a blog post 2

Making choices is an everyday thing, we are always faced with minuscule choices and sometimes major ones but not as often as choosing what to have for lunch.

For instance, today I made the choice to work on my fruit bowl instead of my pitcher in ceramics. It was a load of fun by the way too, ceramics is an awesome hobby that everyone should get in to.

I’m making the choice right now to work on this blog post over my actual work, probably because I have nothing to do tonight because my game isn’t working.

One of my most recent major decisions was the time I spent deciding whether or not I wanted to be a web developer or web designer. I ended up changing majors to designer and I am really excited to get started on it as soon as possible.

This major decision has just changed the course of my life. I knew it would and I had to spent time thinking about it. Because of this decision I will be gearing my job search more towards design and jobs that require me to use my skills in the different Adobe programs rather than my skills (or lack thereof) in PHP and JavaScript.