Positive Attitude: a blog post

It’s very important that we keep a positive attitude in everything we do.

That would be a very hard ┬áthing to do, I know it might seem like I’m joking when I go down the “this one bad thing I have done pretty much means I will never get anywhere in life” monologue/path/speech/flip-out. It’s the domino effect based on one tiny thing and that’s what not having a positive attitude can do with you.

Not just in the web world, but using the web world as an example, we can lead ourselves down a path that never ends to bad choices.

If we decide that because we spent too long trying to fix one thing, that we have no more time to work on the rest of the site we will then give up. When we give up, what will tell our boss? Our client? That’s the fastest way to lose a job.

If you would have just kept a positive attitude and tried your hardest you could at least give them a site that is more completed that it would be if you gave up right then and there.

Besides, negative people are no fun to be around especially if they spend A LOT of time being negative.