Honesty & Integrity: a blog post

If I want to be completely honest with you guys right off the bat, I’m going to tell you that the word integrity slips my mind.

I am not sure what it means and I had to look it up which is  really embarrassing because it pretty much means the same thing as honesty. This is interesting to read if you have  read my last posts. I am blogging about my feelings…no seriously I have become a feelings blogger.

No need to fear, I can be honest with you again and tell you I am just doing this for the sake of the post.

But, getting back to topic, if you are not honest with your team and/or fellow coworkers you will get no where. If you tell someone that you like their design idea and you really don’t or you see a flaw with it that will cause them trouble and don’t alert them to it you are going to be causing  this person a lot of wasted time and effort for them to figure out on their own.

Also, that was just an opinion. Think about facts also! If someone were to tell you the big meeting was tomorrow when it is really today at one…and they knew and they told you it was the next day to make you look bad? How would that feel?

Pretty bad.

It’s a two way street, this honesty thing, the idea that if you are honest with other people they would be honest with you as well. It’s sort of an unconscious thing. It’s easy to pick up on when someone is being honest or dishonest.

Also, if you’re caught it destroys any trust they have in you. The person will probably even go as far as to refuse to work on a project with you…depending on the situation, of course.

I’ll wrap this up with, come on. Seriously? You have to think about whether to be honest or not? You don’t even have to be brutal with it, just edge around the words if you really need to.

It’s just sort of common sense.