Communication: a blog post

Communication is key…or so we’re told.

But no, really! Communication is key to getting things across.

This is not very good to hear if you are like me and you have an introvert personality. Avoiding social situations? The best there is! Avoiding social situations that make or break whether I have a job or not?

Well…I’m actually pretty okay with those. Again, really!

I can dread it for days, yes, but when it comes down to it I can have a very professional air about myself if I try hard enough.

Now where does communication fall into all of this?

In a company, you must be able to communicate change. Recently, we worked on a group project.

Sometimes I was terrible at conveying my opinion. Even though it was established that we would be able to say anything we wanted I still caught my tongue at the idea of displeasing everyone!

It’s a curse but sometimes it helps…

In what way? Well, I am able to be a wallflower for the most part but it also gives me time to think and to carefully put my opinion together.

If everyone is bouncing ideas off each other and it comes down to one person and I haven’t said a word? Who do you think gets to be the deciding vote?

It can be fun to not be good at communicating but at the same it’s best to be able to.

As the other side, I’m not so sure having an opinion on everything is the best idea.

But that’s just my opinion.