Compassion: a blog post

I also had to look up what the word Compassion means for this month’s blog post.

Compassion (noun) – the humane quality of understanding the suffering of others and wanting to do something about it.

Compassion in a general world wide sense would be as if you felt this feeling for a child coming from a poor family and donated money to help them have a better life or donated clothes and toys directly to the child.

In the sense of a web developer and designer, compassion could be if you felt compassion towards the idea that a fellow designer you know or in the same company was working on a site and either didn’t know how to do something or was rushing to finish something big and you helped them out a little bit.

Compassion is probably the hardest word I have had to do for these blog posts, as I do not entirely see situations in my head that have to do with design that would be described using the word compassion.

Another situation I can think of that is indirectly connected to compassion AND developing for the web would be if a developer made a site that’s purpose was to help raise money for a charity. But like I said, that is very indirectly connected.