Diversity: a blog post

Before getting this professionalism word to write about I had only heard the word diversity once or twice, not really having grasped the definition I decided to go and look it up. Google tells me that diversity means:

  1.   The state of being diverse; variety.
  2. A range of different things.

As that cleared things up on whether I was telling myself the right definition or not I decided exactly how I was going to write this.

Diversity has many other synonyms but it’s still a really important word in itself. It could be diverse in culture, beliefs, nationality, etc and the list goes on. In the Web Design industry though it’s more “diverse in creative process”. Although some people can look through rose colored classes and say that everything is original the fact is, there were original thoughts millions of years ago but now they have been taken and molded into…pseudo-original thoughts (or  that’s just what I call them).

For instance, I could like the way someone did there layout on a website but personally I don’t like the idea of just using the same exact layout. As a nervous person (nervous as in, I am worried they will call my copy and get mad) I usually try to change a few things about it. Moving this here or resizing that there. This makes my “copy” diverse from the original.

Following my example, many others in the industry will take ideas and expand on them or mold them to their own creative touch. If this wasn’t the case and we were either not creative at all or we just took the same thing and used it over and over the Internet would get very boring very fast.

Diversity is an important word to every aspect of life, as it can be applied to every aspect, but it is most important in creative jobs like Web Design where diversity is key to an ever-changing and interesting Internet.


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