Take Charge

On Monday I was told by my lap sheet to pretty much do whatever I wanted. So, on Monday the 24th of October I…

  1. sat there for five minutes trying to figure out something to do
  2. browsed my iphone’s app store for anything html, css, web developer, game developer, etc. related
  3. took a few minutes trying to figure out how to Google exactly what I was thinking without typing something really long
  4. read up on a few articles of what’s happening in the game developing industry, especially with my dream company blizzard
  5. read up on some web development stuff (not going to lie, it was mostly game development stuff)
  6. went to the back room to discuss our BPA project

The five minutes at the beginning was a sad thing indeed but I honestly didn’t know what to do with my time. If I just sat there doing pretty much facebook or something else I would not only waste three hours of my life, but I wouldn’t really be doing anything productive. I like to do the productive stuff in class and the goofing off out of class.

That being said, I did sort of goof off but it was for the industry!

In the app store I found a web developer magazine, game developer magazine (also a few about games in general…), and a web designer magazine I have decided to subscribe to.

I run into a problem with Google a lot, it’s not that it doesn’t give me what I want because I’m usually really specific and it’s the first link or so. It’s figuring out what to say. Part of me wishes I could just say, “Google, I command you to find me things on the following topics…” and then list what I want and Google will do what I want like an Internet butler. But we aren’t there, yet. Until then I just Googled something like “game development” and “new in web development”. General topics like that.

Found a few really interesting articles, one being on Squire Enix (a game company) has created a new game engine that mirrors real life. The pictures don’t work, which is sad because the comments are claiming they are amazing. But the video works and that’s pretty cool. (article)

The article I found the most interesting is about the new Batman game that came out under the title Arkham City. ┬áIt is about an official app the developers made to accompany the game. In the game there are 350 collectibles and riddles to solve and find, the app is basically just a game map with directions to all of the collectibles and riddles. Nifty is pretty much the first and only word I could think. The next thing I thought was about the rest of the article, how more and more game developers are creating accompanying apps for their games. It not only makes more money it makes the games more fun, depending on what the app does. It also is another example of the growing merge between the two platforms. I am really excited that I could say, “Yeah, I did notice more games having apps with them…” but I am also excited because one day it might be a requirement and I would love to work on a game and then an app to go with it. (article)

I also loosely skimmed a website for a group that developed an appbuilder, although it’s only a beta version and I wasn’t interested in participating in the beta so I decided to just skimmed. It sort of worries me and at the same it doesn’t. It’s a cool idea, to allow the average person to make apps buy dragging and inserting certain things but it makes me nervous this could cause future programs for developing to be released that might make jobs like the one I want to be obsolete, this is assuming the average person would then be able to create whatever they wanted on a computer. But then, I AM a worrier and I usually jump to the worst conclusion. It’s a really good idea and I might try the app out when it’s fully released but for now it’s just a lingering worry in the back of my mind. (website)

I regret that I did more with game development than with web development but I did learn that it’s not entirely silly of me to enjoy both because there are aspects of web development IN game development! Which is really awesome because I was starting to believe I had to choose one or the other and I would not enjoy that decision because both are enjoyable.

The end of my day got me hyped up for a the BPA project when we went and discussed it in the back room, I really can’t wait to get started. I’m sure my friends are ready to slap me because I’ve been talking about it non-stop already and I can’t stop thinking about it!

All in all, it was a pretty informative and fun day. I sort of laugh at how worried I was at not being able to find anything productive to do.


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