Technology Research: .NET Framework

When I got to Activity Sheet 10 I was given a “research project” (and I only put it in quotation marks because it’s not really a project and if it really was a research project it might take more from me) where I had to research .NET.

To be honest, when I first saw .NET I immediately thought of the .net domain name and I thought this was going to be easy to research. But then I found out it was REALLY .NET Framework and all of a sudden the work got harder, but here is what I have gathered about what exactly this is:

This technology runs primarily on Microsoft Windows, possibly because it was developed by Microsoft. It supports several programming languages which allows language interoperability (each language can use code written in other languages). Sounds handy, right? Well it is, or so I read. It’s supposed to make developing web pages and coding a little easier. When I think of making coding easier I instantly think of Adobe Dreamweaver, but this is like it and not like it at the same time. Even though I kept going back to that as an example I was being steered in the direction of a more PHP look to things.

Logo for .NET Framework

Logo for .NET Framework

Well, Microsoft develops this program in the late 1990’s (mainly 2000’s, the initial release was February of 2002) as a rival to PHP. It’s goal was to help build great web sites and web applications using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and possibly many other programs.

As I have never used ASP.NET or PHP I feel a little weary to be writing this. I never truly understand something unless it’s written in clear non-technical terms or I get to play around with it. In this case, I’m sort of waiting until I get to mess with PHP before I will finally have an AH-HA! moment with ASP.NET. The reason I feel weary is more of a “I don’t want to get any of the information wrong though!”

I think the reason ASP.NET is so popular is because it looks relatively easy to use and if it’s easy to use and does what it claims to do – that is, make coding and development easier – then it should be pretty popular. If ASP.NET is so popular then why am I only hearing about it now…but I’ve been hearing PHP since my first day here? (is often the question I asked myself during the process of research) Well the answer was given to me after I asked the teacher for clarification…about the fifth time maybe. She told me that PHP is open source, which makes the business half of the this stuff a little worried considering anyone can come in and edit stuff and it’s more of a “everybody helps everybody” situation. ASP.NET is under a company, I mean, EVERYONE knows Microsoft. They are the only ones able to make major or minor fixes to the program and it’s better to trust.

More like, PHP is a “teach yourself” thing and ASP.NET comes with a manual of sorts.

The only question I was asked that I will come right out and post is the question, “How can you implement or incorporate the technology in web projects?” to which I found (or concluded) that it could be used to help fine tune some pages or even used entirely. Since you can switch between editing code and looking at the page and editing that, it makes it easier to put a visual to things before you post it. It would be used by Web Developers mainly, which is who it’s marketed for if I’m correct.

Technology is always changing, as for the future of ASP.NET, while researching  currently as of October 12, 2011 they are discussing and releasing ideas in the next update even. While I didn’t understand much of it, the comments seemed excited for the new updates.

I don’t think ASP.NET is going anywhere soon, it’s developed by Microsoft and that’s not going anywhere either. So as long as Microsoft is still standing and not planning to develop something to replace ASP.NET then it will still be here.

The future for this in regards to Web Design and Development well…many companies might have this to use and it makes things easier but I will probably just put this under the business point of view.

As for the future of this technology under my personal point of view, I’ve been told that I will not be using this technology. I will be using it’s competitor PHP. THe only thing I really hope is that using PHP is less confusing that researching ASP.NET was.


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