Goal Setting: a blog post

Many people described as organized might keep a daily schedule, mainly, to keep themselves on track to make sure they get certain goals done each day. From finishing their home work to making it to an appointment on the right time and even day. I fondly remember how many times I tried (and ultimately failed) to keep myself on track by keeping a short goal list. Mostly this is for home work and while I can get home work done on my own without the need for a list it still feels accomplishing to cross off a thing on a list.

Sometimes we set goals to keep better track of how we are doing on time. At work I have a list of things in my head, or goals, I need to accomplish before I’ll be allowed to leave when I’m supposed to. This list helps me keep track of time management. In this class I have laps, as everyone else does, to make sure I am on track to finishing the assignments I am given.

In the field of Web Design and Development it won’t just be handy it might even be a necessity to keep a planner or just a notepad what you need to accomplish handy. Nothing would be worse than reaching the deadline day and not being even remotely finished! The reward might be as simple as it is with the laps: if you finish then you don’t have homework or you don’t have to work over time. Mainly, goal setting is an excellent way to keep a close eye on how much you are doing and possibly how fast you are doing it. It is essential to daily life and it is more than essential to the field of Web Design.

Even though I can’t keep a planner or a goal list to save my life, I’m pretty sure I’ll try a thousand times harder to keep one when I get out there and deadlines mean whether or not I keep my job.


Activity Sheet 7: Home Page Design

Under Fundamentals of Web Design, in Activity Sheet 7 I was asked to look at a few articles discussing home page layout, design, and typography. Some of the websites I had to look at were nothing short but amazing and others just made me accidentally draw attention to myself because I was laughing too hard. Continue reading