What about this course most excites you?

The idea that I finally found what I want to do with my life is simple enough to excite me. I was constantly questioning what I wanted to do, but it always had the word “Design” in it. Whenever I changed my idea for the future the job title always had the word design in it. I took a Web Design class offered at my high school and instantly knew that was what I wanted, in some way, shape, or form, I wanted to be in Web Design. Now that I am here and starting out on my path, basically on my way, I am more excited than ever to get started. So, in a way, I am excited about everything. Excited that I get to learn many new things, even more excited that the learning will never stop (as the internet always changes, but I knew that even before I started this course), and mainly that I am getting a head start (if this course wasn’t offered, I would most likely have to wait until College to get started). I am ecstatic to finally be starting and I can’t wait to know as much as the other members of this class, who have been here at least a year longer than myself.


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