Choices: a blog post

As humans we are naturally curious about choices, mostly the ones we make. Did I make the right choice? Is this choice right for me? How will this choice affect not only me but others around me? At some point in our lives we will stop and ask that about a certain choice. For instance: I am not so keen on the choice I made to start this post out the way I did now that I am into it. This is one choice I can go back and change, unlike some that we can’t. There is another choice I made that I could change right now before I get too ahead of myself, but it’s more of the choice I made to join this class and ultimately begin my training for the career of my choice.

Moving on to the more broad look at the field of design, there are many choices made everyday from simple ones to “What color should I make this to really wow?” to more complex ones like…well I can’t think of any right now because I’m not THAT knowledgeable about this field yet. But I know that just like daily life choices, as in “Should I eat cereal or oatmeal?”, there are choices we make every second we turn in web design. It can be quick or you might have to take a night (assuming you don’t have a deadline and HAVE the time to take a choice into the next day), it can be simple or it can be so complex that one way could ruin it and the other could make it the next big thing.

The main thing I’m certain of is: the more technology changes and internet moves forward, the more choices we will have to make. The more we will stop and think about how we make things, how we code them or design them or whatever else it is we need to do to make the internet what it is.


What about this course most excites you?

The idea that I finally found what I want to do with my life is simple enough to excite me. I was constantly questioning what I wanted to do, but it always had the word “Design” in it. Whenever I changed my idea for the future the job title always had the word design in it. I took a Web Design class offered at my high school and instantly knew that was what I wanted, in some way, shape, or form, I wanted to be in Web Design. Now that I am here and starting out on my path, basically on my way, I am more excited than ever to get started. So, in a way, I am excited about everything. Excited that I get to learn many new things, even more excited that the learning will never stop (as the internet always changes, but I knew that even before I started this course), and mainly that I am getting a head start (if this course wasn’t offered, I would most likely have to wait until College to get started). I am ecstatic to finally be starting and I can’t wait to know as much as the other members of this class, who have been here at least a year longer than myself.